Grocery Update

Many of you know I am doing a pantry challenge this month that seems to have been a little more challenging than I thought. Not the eating from the pantry part. We are doing that, but staying out of the store. I think I just like to shop and get good deals more. I don’t know. I did pick up a few things this week. I got a 25 pound bag of bread flour. I had not planned on purchasing this, but I forgot that I had given out a gift certificate for bread once a month at my Christmas gift exchange last month at my girls Bunco group. See certificate: bread gift cert. I knew I was getting low on bread flour, but I figured for us I would just use all purpose for the rest of the month, then I remembered I had to make bread for someone else and I wanted it to be my best, so off I went to get my beloved bread flour from sam’s club. I also picked up 2 bags of dry beans at the dollar store. I have to eat lots of beans on my new diet and I was sick of the pintos and black beans that I have on hand. I also decided to whip up some navy bean and ham soup for a friend who just had a baby last night out of the beans I purchased and the ham from the other day. I am breaking my own rules all over the place! That’s ok though. I am still well under budget!

Last weeks total: $25.64 + $9.24 (from the beans and flour)= $34.88 for the month so far. I still think that’s fine, don’t you?


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