Grocery Totals for this Week 2/4

I went to Sam’s Club this week to stock up on cheese. We were completely out of string cheese and down to our last bit of mozzarella and cheddar/jack. I got a total of 13 lbs of cheese and spent $28.92. Gotta have cheese for pizza!

I then hit up Fresh and Easy for




clearance blueberries and tangerines

3 bags of chocolate chips (I have been baking for the boys to take on the King of the Hammers trip next week)

Basil (since I used all mine making tomato soup!)

Tortilla chips


I spent a total of $22.02 there.

I also spent $5.34 Method dishwasher tabs on clearance at lowes.

Adding this to my Rite Aid Trip I have spent a total of $66.23 with $16 left to spend at Rite Aid. I have set a budget for myself of $150 for the month. With the cheese stock up I shouldn’t have to buy any for a few months. I should be good.


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