Entering Week 4 of the Pantry Challenge….Menu Plan

I am entering the fourth week of my pantry challenge. It really hasn’t been all that challenging for me surprisingly. I had a lot more things in the freezer than I thought I did! I have only planned out our dinners for the week. Going to be winging it for lunches and breakfasts since Lance has only 4 days of school due to an inservice day. Things with an (F) are from the freezer.


Monday: Spaghetti with red sauce(F) and seasoned beef (F), crazy bread, salad (I will be eating spaghetti squash and no breadsticks)

Tuesday: Steak(F), mashed potatoes(F), bread machine french bread (For me, mashed cauliflower “potatoes” and salad instead of bread)

Wednesday: Turkey(F) enchiladas (sauce in freezer), beans(F)

Thursday: Whole Wheat thin crust pepperoni(F) pizza (going to make this one whole wheat)

Friday: Turkey(F) burgers on sandwich thins(F) with bacon(F), salad, smiley potatoes(F)

Saturday: Leftovers or turkey

Sunday: We are going to Disneyland and will probably eat dinner on the road on the way home.


If you noticed all the turkey this week, it’s because I have one defrosting in the fridge right now. I had gotten 2 on sale for $0.37/lb around the holidays. I plan on grinding the meat in my meat attachment for my kitchen aid to make ground turkey. Then I will make some turkey meatballs and turkey sausage (for spaghetti) to cook up to put back in the freezer. I may be searching for other turkey recipes as well depending on how much meat I have. I didn’t get the red sauce made last week, but I will have to do it this week if we want pizza on thursday since we are using the last bit in the freezer for dinner tonight. I will be updating my grocery totals tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.


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    Jan 25, 2011 @ 06:37:06

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