Menu Plan For the Week

This is the 3rd week on the pantry challenge and it seems I haven’t even put a dent in our freezer! Nevertheless, here is my menu plan for the week.

Breakfasts: protein shakes for Dallas and I. Lance will have stuff from the freezer like pancakes, waffles, scones, muffins (all of which are whole wheat)or eggs or oatmeal.

Lunches: Dallas packs his own with wraps, leftovers, frozen burritos (homemade), or the ham and cheese muffin bites I made the other day.
Lance’s will be PB&J, salami/cheese, leftover pasta, and ham and cheese bites for this short holiday week at school. As for me…I don’t know yet!

Monday: Dinner out with Family
Tuesday: Roasted Whole Chicken (freezer), Homemade french bread, roasted sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes for Dallas (both from freezer)
Wednesday: Chicken Bacon Alfredo Bake with leftover roasted chicken
Thursday: BBQ chicken pizza (also with leftover chicken)
Friday: Burgers with homemade fries
Saturday: Jeep Poker Run, eat there
Sunday: Tacos (haven’t decided on the meat for them yet)

Don’t you love how far a $3.21 chicken can go! I plan on getting some produce this week to round out the meals a bit. I also plan on making the homemade french bread (bread machine), Red Sauce for the freezer since we are down to one container. I may also whip up some whole wheat pancakes to stock the freezer more for Lance’s breakfasts. We are running low on those as well. My kid REFUSES to even try cereal, so I like to have many options in the freezer for easy breakfasts.

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