My First Trip to the Store on the Pantry Challenge

Now that my freezers are clean and inventory is taken, I decided to run to the store for some produce for the week to round out our meals. Pictured above is what I purchased at my local hispanic market. They have the best produce deals around and I can really get a lot for my money! For the challenge I planned to only buy produce and dairy (and eggs). I have given myself a budget of $100 for the month, but I am hoping to keep it at $50 like last year. I did buy some brown rice today. I know that is not produce or dairy, but I will need it for my dietary restrictions starting next week, so I decided it was ok to spend the $0.69!

I spent a total of $11.01 on the items pictured above. I will be keeping a running total here on the blog so that I can be held accountable! Here is a break down of everything there…

7 onions ($0.84)
20 eggs ($2.49)
8 tangerines ($1.48)
2 cucumbers ($0.50)
6 bananas ($1.09)
5 apples ($1.72)
2 bunches of spinach ($0.99)
25 or so roma tomatoes ($1.21 mmm tomato soup!)
2 lbs brown rice (purchased at rite aid for $0.69)

I still have not done a meal plan…can’t really bring myself to do it. We have lots of frozen meat, cheese, butter, mashed potatoes and much more to use up. So far since starting the challenge on monday we have had…
Monday we had left over prime rib from my mom’s made into beef dip sandwiches on homemade whole wheat bread with veggies and dip.
Tuesday we had chicken tacos
Wednesday we had a baked bean and polish sausage dish that I had frozen left over from Christmas eve, with homemade cornbread from the freezer and salad.
Tonight we are going to have spinach and cheese stuffed chicken. Lance and I will have stuffed roasted tomatoes to go with it, Dallas will not eat these! I may whip up some breadsticks for the boys.

Tomorrow we will probably have pizza with frozen sauce, cheese and pepperoni. I better get some dough made today!

That is as far as my plan goes! For breakfasts the boys have been cleaning out all of the waffles, pancakes and muffins that are in the freezer. I have been sticking to mostly protein shakes for breakfast since I cannot eat the bread type products right now on my restricted diet….all of the bread stuffs listed above I have not eaten. Although, this morning I made a modified “pancake” for myself out of eggs and ground flax that was really tasty!

Dallas has been packing his lunches with fruit, cheese, crackers, yogurt and homemade frozen burritos. Lance’s lunches are a lot of that as well, with salami from the freezer or peanut butter and jelly. I usually have soup for lunch since that is the only time I can have it. The boys don’t like it and I LOVE it. Yesterday, I made cauliflower soup for yesterday and today. I made some lentil soup today to put in the freezer for upcoming lunches. I freeze it in single serve portions using my sour cream containers!


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  1. jeremy
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 17:54:18

    i like it


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