A Clean Freezer and a Freezer Inventory Sheet

I started the task of cleaning out both of my freezers this week. I had planned to do it all in one day, but it ended up taking 2. That’s ok…I wasn’t on a time crunch! An impromptu shopping trip with my mom and a sick child put a kink in things! First, I emptied everything out of the freezer and set a heater and fan in front of it to defrost it. After a little coaxing with a rubber mallet, all the ice was gone and I had a fresh, clean slate to start with. I then loaded everything back in, in a more orderly fashion placing all the meats on the bottom, all the fruits and veggies on one shelf etc. As I did this, I wrote it all down on my freezer inventory spreadsheet I whipped up on the computer.

You can download a copy of that by clicking this Freezer Invetory. At least I hope you can. I have never uploaded a pdf to the blog before!

Here is my freezer after being reloaded. Then I did the same thing in my house fridge. I feel much better and now I know exactly what’s in there and how much I have. What a wonderful feeling! It will sure make my pantry challenge go easier knowing what I have to work with.

I decided that I would use a tip I saw over on life as mom to organize my inventory and keep track of what is being used as we go through the month. So as I loaded the freezers, I wrote down how many of each item I had or how many dinners worth I had in a circle and I plan to cross them out as I use them up. This is the first time I have done a freezer inventory, so the system may need a few tweaks over the course of the month. We will see how it goes!


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