So…It’s Been a While Again!

Yep, life has kept me busy and away from my blog yet again. I threw a costume party for my 30th and my husband’s 31st birthday. Since our birthdays are only a few days apart and close to Halloween we decided to have a birthday/halloween party this year. The prep, planning and general prop making for our Zombie party kept me busy the whole month of October. I made just about everything we used to decorate! Lots and lots and lots of cardboard! And yes that is a full size coffin that we built as a cooler. We had zones through the house: we made a movie room with a zombie movie, an arcade with a shooting zombie game and a “re-animation station” for food. The party was a huge success and we all had great time….maybe even a little too much fun in some cases!!!

Here are some pictures….

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As far as November goes….I don’t know where it went! But now it’s December. My son will be 4 tomorrow and I have been busy in the kitchen this week preparing for yet another party. We were not going to have a party for Lance this year. The plan was to just have family over for cake, but my son invited everyone in his class to a party we weren’t throwing….so here I am planning and throwing a Spiderman birthday party! Saturday is the big day! I will post pictures of the cake I will be making as well as the spiderman cookies I made to send home in the goodie bags for the kids.


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  1. jimmy
    Dec 01, 2010 @ 21:38:42

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages


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