Meal Planning: May’s Monthly Menu

I know, I know this is a little late, but I just got it done. We have been eating out of the freezer mostly for the past week and a half. And we will be eating mostly from the pantry/freezer for the rest of the month. I have everything on hand to make the meals listed. I will just have to supplement in some fresh produce and maybe some milk. That’s about it for grocery shopping this month. If there is a frugalicious deal on some meat in the next few weeks, I may do a little stocking up, but we don’t NEED any. So it will have to be a crazy deal for me to spend the money! I did do a small amount of freezer cooking the last week and I have on my list of stuff to make for the month…refried beans, sourdough bread, and a batch of chili for lunches.

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