Crafting: No Sew T-Shirt into Vest

There are super cute vests all over in the stores right now. I wanted a flowy vest, but I didn’t want to pay $20 for one. So I went searching around online and found this cute and SUPER EASY tutorial on how to make one. It literally took my 5 minutes and only cost me a $1 for a black thrift store t-shirt. All you need is a pair of scissors, a big t-shirt (maybe you can steal one from your hubby!) and a bowl or other round object to trace for the hole. I will be definitely be hitting up my local thrift store that sells 10 items for $1 on the first of the month for some t-shirts to cut up and make into new stuff! You will have to excuse the terrible self portraits…no one here to help me with the photos! These are a great way to dress up a boring plain shirt! You could also embellish the vest however you see fit for some more pizzazz!

*Just a tip, I cut off the hem on the bottom as well. I wanted all the edges the same. Give the edges all a little tug after cutting and they will roll a bit leaving a cute edge.


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