Frugal Tip of the Week: Update on my Stay Out of the Stores Week

Last week’s frugal tip was to stay away from the stores as a way to save money. If you’re not there, you can’t spend money right?!?! That includes staying off the online store sites as well! I did quite well last week with my challenge. I had one slip of the wallet, but it wasn’t my fault! I swear! We had a little emergency with my mother-in-law on Thursday and ended up away from home at dinner, so we had to eat out. It was only $15, so not too bad.  I did go to Macy’s on earth day and get a bottle of facial cleanser from Origins, but I didn’t pay for it. I didn’t steal it either, if that’s what you’re thinking! Origins was running a special on earth day, if you brought in an empty bottle or tube of your current face lotion/wash, they would give you a facial cleanser for free. It just so happened that I had been scraping the last of my face lotion out for a few days, so off I went! I love free stuff! I don’t know how much staying away from the stores saved me. I think I may start to practice this one week a month. Over the course of the year, that should save me money as well as break some shopping habits too….here’s hoping!

Although, today did I hit a few stores since my challenge was over, but you will be impressed. I had a $10 off a $10 purchase for both JC Penney’s and Kohl’s that I had received in the mail. Penney’s is having a no tax sale through tomorrow so I went today and found a cute summer top for myself on clearance for $10.40. So in all I paid $0.40 for a brand new shirt. Can’t beat that right! Next up was Kohl’s. I didn’t really see anything for me that grabbed my eye, but Lance did. We got him a 3 pack of toy story undies and a new t-shirt with a monster truck on it for $0.42 after my coupon! WooHoo! And a happy 3 year old to boot.

Next up was CVS. Over at Money Saving Mom there are some good deals listed for CVS this week. I went after toothbrushes, body wash, sunscreen and fig newtons using a combination of coupons, 3 transactions and the CVS extra bucks system I was able to get 2 oral b toothbrushes, 1 full size softsoap body wash, 1 full size irish spring body wash, 2 travel size sunscreens, 2 boxes of fig newtons and a box of Oreo’s (the smaller 1 row boxes) for under $4!  I would add it all up and tell you exactly but the receipts are in my purse, in the car and I am feeling lazy! It would have been less if I would have done my coupons in the right order at the self check, but I forgot and then I couldn’t use 2 of them…oops! There is quite a system when shopping at CVS and I haven’t done it in a while and I was a little rusty. I should have only paid about $2 for all that stuff. Oh well. Next time I will remember! I think I still did well for spending just under $5 today! I love my coupons!

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