What’s for Dinner: Tex-Mex Rice and Bean Casserole

This month I decided to add a few new items to our menu. One of them being the Tex-Mex Rice and Bean Casserole I found on the Weight Watchers website. It sounded great, Dallas thought it sounded good…..WRONG. We had it for dinner last night and although Lance liked it, Dallas and I thought it was just ok. There really wasn’t much flavor to it. Which was a bit suprising with everything that was in it. We ended up dumping a bunch of salsa on ours and eating it with some homemade tortillas. I just hate it when we try something new and we don’t like it. Then it just feels like I wasted my time, and our money, making that meal. But on the flip side, I don’t want to eat the same thing all the time either! Oh, the conundrum!

I do have to say that desert was much better….homemade tortillas with honey. MMMMmmmm, so good! Lance had a brownie out of the freezer. He doesn’t like honey….what kid doesn’t like honey??? Mine, I guess!


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