Frugal Tip of the Week: Starting Seeds in Recycled Containers

If you haven’t already heard…growing your own food can greatly cut down on your produce bills at the grocery store. I am learning to like gardening and this will be my third summer with a garden. I am still trying to get my thumb to turn green! I live in Southern California, so I don’t have a large backyard or space for a garden. I have gotten a bit creative with my planting. Luckily I live where there is a long growing season. I have 4 dwarf fruit trees on one side of my house where there is only a few feet in between the fence and the house. There I have 2 types of lemon trees, a mandarin orange tree and a plum tree. I have a raspberry bush planted in my front planter. I have planted corn and strawberries along my front fence. I also have a small area about 3 feet by 15 feet in the backyard that currently has lettuce, peas and turnips growing. I will be planting more in that area when it warms up a bit more.

Have you seen those seed starters at the stores for starting your seeds indoors? I find them to be quite pricey for a bit of cardboard. I took a look around to see what I had and my egg cartons looked just about the same as those fancy seed starters at the store. I have started bush green beans and tomatoes in these on my window sill and I am have quite good luck with them growing. I encourage you to start your seeds in whatever containers you find around the house. Just fill them with dirt, stick a seed in and water! I have even heard of people using their eggshells as places to start their seeds. I plan to make my own topsy turvy type tomato planters out of 5 gallon buckets my hubby gets from work. These buckets were going to the trash anyway, so I am going to recycle them into planters to hang off my back fence. That way I can gain even more planting space.

Planting edible landscape is a great way to improve your yard and reduce your grocery bills at the same time. It is also a great way to teach your children about how and where things grow. I love that!


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  1. riosamba
    Apr 09, 2010 @ 23:50:10

    You could also use yogurt containers. I enjoy yogurt and kept all the containers used them to germinate seeds. Just poke several holes on the bottom for drainage. The seeds do well. If you like to read my gardening blog here is the link. It is really fun having one’s garden, good for your health.


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