Crafting: My Finished Felted Slippers

A few weeks ago I posted about the norwegian house slippers I was in the process of crocheting. I am happy to report that they are now finished, comfy, warm and slip resistant! I finished crocheting them not long after my original post. I did alternate the colors a bit so I could tell left from right. I then felted them in my washing machine to shrink them up and make them solid (so you can’t see the stitches).This did take a while in my front loader and I had to keep pulling them out to check the size. They are a little wider than they need to be, but since they are just slippers, I don’t mind that. It just makes them extra comfy! After they came out of the wash, I stuffed them with some plastic bags to hold the shape and set them aside to dry. The drying process took about a week since my slippers were so thick when felted down. I did take the plastic out after a couple days to make sure the inside dried well. My husband picked me up some plasti-dip at home depot to put on the bottom to make them slip resistant. Since our house is all wood, felted slippers can be dangerous! It took two coats that I spooned on and spread around with a plastic spoon. I love them! Now Lance wants a pair too!


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  1. Kevin
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 16:34:32


    I am a pretty crafty/artsy person and I want to try to make these. But I was curios on a couple things. If you did 19×19 for size 7 1/2 how big should my squares be for a 8 1/2 in mens?

    And The other random thing is. I what to wear these outside. So I was thinking of using some flip slop soles with the straps cut off or out and some fabric glue to attach them to the soles.

    what do you think?



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