Baking Day: Sourdough Donuts


Ok, so technically this is not baking, it’s frying. But still, I wanted to share this yumminess with you all. If only they looked as good on my thighs as they do on that plate! Last weekend my mother-in-law spent the night on Saturday so that we could go to a birthday party down the street. I had been baking with my sourdough starter that day making muffins and rolls, but I still had some leftover from the portion I had removed from the fridge. I gave it a good feed and decided that in the morning I would make some donuts for us to enjoy for breakfast.

I decided on this yummy sourdough donut recipe. I did change the cinnamon/nutmeg ratio a bit adding more cinnamon and less nutmeg. I also don’t usually have buttermilk on hand, so I use a frugal substitute. Imagine that! Put 1 tablespoon of white vinegar in a measuring cup and add milk to fill it to 1 cup. Let it sit for 5 minutes and you have buttermilk! I also use this in banana bread and pancakes. If it calls for buttermilk, I do this.

These donuts are amazing! It made a ton. I didn’t count, but I think we ate about 12 and I had a gallon sized ziplock full and I mean FULL. That picture is a large dinner plate piled with donuts and that wasn’t near as many as the batch made! I froze the extras and have been heating them in the microwave (30 seconds for 2) and they are just as good as freshly made! I used a medium sized cookie scoop to plop them into the hot oil and they were about the size of a lime or small lemon, bigger than a regular donut hole. I like this recipe because it is easy. No rolling or cutting or raising the dough. Just mix it up and fry. Just make sure you let the oil heat back up between each batch you fry so they don’t get greasy.

For those of you who are close by, if you want to try any of my sourdough recipes, come on over and I can give you some of my starter to use. Or go here for a tutorial on how to make your own.

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