Crafting: Handmade Wrap Cardigan

I am not an excellent seamstress, but sewing is one of the things I like to dabble in. My mom  taught me how to use the sewing machine at a young age, but I have never have any formal classes and I am mostly self-taught. I tend to look at something and then figure out how to make it.

This post will not be a tutorial. It is too complicated for me to explain how to do it without the wrap that I copied the pattern from. It’s more of a “look what I did” post! I have a wrap cardigan thingy that I wear to my yoga class a lot. My yoga instructor, Julie, is always admiring it. Last week, she told me that she was going on a date with her husband and that she was having a hard time getting dressed…she really wanted a wrap like the one I had. Well, her birthday is this week, so I decided to copy my wrap and make one for her out of some lightweight jersey fabric I had  the house.

I took my wrap and traced out all the separate pieces on paper grocery bags to make a pattern. After a little trial and error piecing it together I got it right. I am so amazed at how well it turned out. It fits Julie perfectly and she LOVED it. It has a wide collar that can be used as a hood if necessary and it’s much longer in the front so it can be crossed, wrapped and tied in the back. Here is the final product.


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